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SwanDIGI is a digital marketing agency that offers services to help your business grow.

We are your digital partner with a combined experience of 8 years. We are located in Batam, Indonesia.

We provide SEO services, website design, social media marketing, and much more.

You'll get our various services that can meet the unique needs of each client.

We've built a reputation we could be proud of as a reliable partner who can satisfy your needs both online and offline.

You are out of Business if You are Not Available on Search.

Digital Marketing Agency

We serve various types of businesses

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Video Marketing

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Social Media Marketing Services

Social Media Marketing

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SEO Content Writing

SEO Content Writing

Graphic Designing

Graphic Designing

SwanDIGI provides graphic

Digital Marketing Agency
Digital Marketing Agency

Get Rank on Google by Digital Marketing Agency

If your business website needs to rank on the 1st page of Google, the first thing that comes to your mind is you need the service of the most effective Digital Agency.

We believe that you read this page because you've found us on Google. So, this is one of our proof that we are the experts.

Why SwanDIGI should be your Digital Marketing Agency?
Because we'll connect your BUSINESS to your Clients with our SMART STRATEGY :

  • Content Marketing (Website, Landingpage, Blogging dan SEO Copywriting)
  • Social Media Marketing (FB, IG, Twitter dan Pinterest)
  • Video Marketing (Youtube, FB, IG dan Tiktok)
  • Email dan WhatsApp Marketing

As a Digital Marketing Agency we offering New Concept

It has become an integral part of every business and organization that wants to survive in the modern world.

Digital marketing is a broad term that refers to using different online channels. Such as email, social media, search engine optimization (SEO), and many others, to drive traffic to your website or online store.

As an agency, we use online strategies for branding your company or product so that your business can be familiar with consumers.

Digital Marketing is now an essential part of any business or organization's strategy. This is because it helps you reach more people using various digital channels.

Digital Marketing Agency

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Digital marketing on the internet is the most effective venture that will increase your business for sure.

With a little patience, effort, and consistency, your business will thrive.

You stay focused on your business. For Digital Marketing, leave it to us who are ready to be your Digital Marketing Agency.

Please contact us to discuss an Online Marketing Strategy that fits your business and budget.

Digital Marketing Agency

What is the Purpose of a Digital Marketing Agency?

A digital marketing agency can be an important companion to your service, though you may not recognize all they can do for you.

As a sales or marketing supervisor, your job is to generate clients through your organization's “front doors.

Today, 81 percent of consumers conduct an online study before buying a choice, which indicates it's imperative to establish robust online visibility that engages and nurtures clients online throughout their client journey.

A digital marketing firm can do this for your company, plus a great deal extra.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a complex strategy intended to target, reach out to, as well as develop partnerships with clients online, throughout a broad series of networks, eventually obtaining them to make a purchase and also more purchases in the future.

The outcomes of digital marketing are dramatic. Blog writing alone can aid brand names to bring in 67 percent more leads contrasted to those that have never been published.

Search engine optimization additionally boasts a conversion price of 14.6 percent, which is drastically higher than the 1.7 percent conversion rate that typical outbound techniques supply.

Digital marketing includes the following strategies:

  • Content Marketing (SEO).
  • Video Marketing.
  • Mobile Marketing.
  • Online Advertising.
  • Email Marketing.
  • Social Network Marketing.

A digital marketing agency employs a wide array of different strategies, strategies, and also online tools to add a business to attain its marketing and sales goals.

This can make planning and carrying out a successful digital marketing campaign a difficult possibility for most solopreneurs and smaller-sized marketing divisions.

Provided the scope of digital marketing, it's helpful to take a look at one of the most prominent types of digital marketing firms and also the solutions they use.

7 Types of Digital Marketing Agencies (as well as What They Do)

Remember that the best one for your company will certainly depend on your budget plan, your digital marketing objectives as well as purposes, and exactly how hands-on you want to be in your digital marketing.

Below are seven of the most common kinds of digital marketing companies:


A digital marketing agency gets to clients online with omnichannel marketing, multichannel marketing, or single-channel marketing.

A digital marketing agency commonly will not provide traditional marketing services.


A full-service digital marketing agency tends to be larger than a lot of various other kinds of agencies as well as offers a selection of digital marketing solutions.

Services commonly partner with full-service digital marketing firms because they have the experience doing certain tasks that the businesses need to be done, such as lead support projects or a site redesign.

These companies can additionally bring added muscle mass to existing marketing departments at a lower cost than it would certainly take to construct them out with new hires.

Keep in mind that the finest one for your service will certainly depend on your budget, your digital marketing goals as well as purposes, and just how hands-on you desire to be in your digital marketing.

A digital marketing agency reaches clients online through omnichannel marketing, multichannel marketing, or single-channel marketing.

A full-service digital marketing agency tends to be bigger than many various other types of agencies and supplies a range of digital marketing solutions.


An inbound marketing agency provides inbound marketing strategies and approaches, which differ from conventional outbound techniques.

Inbound companies seek to position an organization online where clients can locate them, construct trust gradually, as well as eventually create sales.

Inbound strategies can produce considerable outcomes with time, yet they typically call for a longer time horizon (6 months to a year or even more) before leads as well as sales “hockey stick” up.


Digital marketing firms that concentrate on SEO (search engine optimization) assist their clients' websites and also website content to place high up on search results pages.

They will certainly have experts execute the following:

  • Keyword research
  • Website audits
  • Backlink audits
  • Website as well as blog content
  • Metadata assessment (examining the top quality of URL, title tags, meta descriptions, etc).
  • Video summary optimization.
  • Link building.
  • And also a lot more.

An SEO firm will make use of a variety of data analytics and website design tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, SEM Rush, as well as SEO Moz. SEO companies are constantly early adopters of SEO best practices, consisting of conformity with Google's ever-changing search formula.


Paid search, also called paid marketing, is the other means to generate traffic to a service website.

Unlike totally free organic traffic, paid traffic involves spending money to bid on keywords and ad positioning on search results.

Digital advertisements can appear on internet sites, search engine results on web pages (SERPs), and also social media channels.

Digital ad agencies know how to create attention-getting, keyword-filled advertisements that satisfy the most effective practices of the digital platforms on which ads show up.

Popular services consist of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and also YouTube ad production as well as deployment, as well as Google Ads Manager account development and also maintenance.


Paid search, additionally called paid advertising and marketing, is another way to generate traffic to a website.

Unlike cost-free organic traffic, paid traffic includes investing cash to bid on keyword phrases as well as advertisement positioning on search engine results.

Digital advertisements can appear on websites, search result web pages (SERPs), and also social media networks.

This can bring you leads rapidly, however, your campaign should be appropriately established to reach your target audience.

Digital marketing companies that focus on online advertisements recognize exactly how to produce attention-getting, optimized ads that conform to the finest practices.

You may choose to employ the internet advertising agency alone or combined with various other companies as part of a wider online strategy.

While PPC can do well by itself, it works ideal when paired with a less costly long-term strategy that can profit from the paid traffic you generate.

Unlike totally free organic traffic, paid traffic includes investing money to bid on search phrases and also advertisement placement on search outcomes.

Digital marketing companies that concentrate on online advertisements recognize how to create attention-getting, maximized ads that adapt to the best techniques.

You might pick to work with the internet ad agency alone or in conjunction with other companies as part of a broader online strategy.


Companies transform into social media companies when they need assistance with establishing and keeping a social media existence.

Social media agencies can handle as well as produce social content as well as establish ads on social systems like Facebook and also Instagram.


A web design agency is made up of creative designers that construct tailored and also enhanced internet sites or web pages for companies.

Web developers will certainly deal with the appearance, really feel, and also the performance of the web pages, whether it's for an all-new website, a website redesign, or a smaller-sized job.

Usual solutions provided by website firms include user experience as well as user interface (UX/UI) layout as well as research, photo development and storage, web development, and also host.


A digital marketing consultant is a specialist who may or may not be connected with a digital marketing agency.

They might additionally have a network of other marketing professionals or firms they can refer you to for more help.

Companies turn to social media companies when they require assistance with establishing and preserving social media visibility.

Social media firms can handle and produce social content as well as establish advertisements on social platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

They will certainly also supply services connected to responding and responding to client communications on social media systems.

What Does a Digital Marketing Agency Do?

Companies collaborate with digital marketing agencies because of their competence in internet marketing. Agencies know the latest patterns, ideal methods, and ideal devices as well as methods that are needed for digital marketing success.

Below are specific things to expect when dealing with a digital marketing agency:


The overall goal of any digital marketing venture is to generate as much organic traffic to one's business website.

Marketing experts at digital marketing agencies understand the ins and outs of inbound marketing, consumer trips, and also online search engine search formulas.

When you deal with a digital marketing agency, organic traffic (traffic from individuals that find your website online using an online search engine search) to your website will certainly enhance.

Your website will certainly bring in extra leads with less cost. These leads will certainly also be far better high-quality leads that will enhance the chance of them buying.


The specialists at digital marketing agencies will know your business, your marketing goals and also goals, your sales funnel, as well as your excellent targeted audiences.

Furthermore, they will certainly also be knowledgeable in different inbound marketing strategies such as content marketing, social media marketing, website design, and search engine optimization.

In your sales channel, different inbound marketing methods are much more efficient than others based on where leads are within your sales funnel.

When working with a digital marketing agency, you'll have the ability to obtain the right message delivered through the appropriate online tool, at the correct time to every lead within your sales funnel.

A digital marketing agency will aid you to generate sales-ready leads by relocating leads from the top of your sales channel to the bottom.


Your consumers are online. You recognize that and every digital marketing agency understands that.

Given that digital marketing companies focus on promoting brands online and developing internet connections with clients, they know exactly how to expand your brand's reach online.

By working with a digital marketing agency, your website will certainly improve visibility from keyword research and also customer identity development is done with the agency.

If you use a digital marketing agency to undertake your social media marketing, your brand will additionally get added online presence on various social media site platforms.


The digital marketing agency you select must feel like an expansion of your interior marketing team.

What your interior marketing does not have in terms of specialized digital marketing knowledge and time, your digital marketing agency companion will resolve.

A digital marketing agency will additionally capture weak points in your existing digital marketing activities.

If your marketing group is little, opportunities are you won't have the experience your special digital marketing campaign needs to be efficient.

You require web style, SEO, public connections, email marketing, and also social media marketing. You may not know all these areas.

A full-service digital marketing agency like SwanDIGI, on the other hand, supplies:

  • Seo
  • Pay-per-click advertising (PPC).
  • Social media site marketing.
  • Marketing automation.
    Content marketing.
  • Facebook marketing.
    Public relations solutions.
  • Email marketing.
  • Video manufacturing.
  • Occasion synchronisation.
  • Website development.

A digital marketing agency will also capture weak points in your existing digital marketing activities.

If your marketing team is little, chances are you will not have the competence your unique digital marketing campaign requires to be efficient.

You need web style, SEO, public connections, email marketing, as well as social media marketing.

Is a Digital Marketing Agency Right For Your Business?

Before working with a digital marketing agency, it's vital to very first assess your company's demands.

You'll desire to review your company's marketing abilities, strengths, and also abilities to determine whether an agency and also what kind, can benefit your business.

When you've asked these questions, you'll have a far better idea as to whether collaborating with an agency is the appropriate option.

You'll likewise understand what type of digital marketing services your business needs.

Employing a Digital Marketing Agency? Ask These 12 Questions

When selecting a digital marketing agency to deal with, make sure to do your research in advance.

You will certainly additionally require to know your digital marketing objectives, budget plan, and also level to which you wish to be involved in deploying a digital marketing campaign.

Below are some inquiries you should ask potential digital marketing agencies:

  • Will you have a marked contact person or task manager in the agency?
  • Will in-house specialists or consultants perform the work?
  • How big is your agreement relative to the other ones the agency is under?
  • What online tools, as well as software programs, do they make use of?
  • How much of your budget will go to management expenses?
    What does a good client resemble for the agency?
  • Or a bad client?
  • What KPIs does the agency use to measure success as well as just how will this be interacted with you in routine meetings?
  • What can you anticipate from the first 90 days (or an equal starting period) of your agreement?
  • Just how frequently will you be educated about the status of your digital marketing campaign?
  • What is the agency's rate structure?
  • Is there any type of proof of their success with companies like your own?
  • What do their testimonies, BBB rankings, or Google Reviews indicate?

You wish to guarantee that you are making the best decision for your business before handing over the reins to a digital marketing agency.

What Does SwanDIGI Do In Different Ways?

At SwanDIGI, we accept the inbound marketing framework, since it's made for the way today's clients assume as well as act.

We can help your business attract consumers when they're prepared to make a purchase choice instead of cold-calling as well as hoping they're ready to purchase.

To do this, we first have to learn just how we can aid you to boost your marketing. We know that every business is various as well as a cookie-cutter strategy will not help you achieve your particular marketing goals.

That's why we utilize our 6-step inbound marketing approach to find the kinks in your marketing machine.

With this procedure, we'll promptly pinpoint the issues in your sales as well as a marketing channel as well as work in reverse to develop a strategy to repair them.

As well as we can do so. Our T-shaped marketing experts have a vast breadth of expertise in everything marketing and can find needed locations for renovation.

However, each also possesses its superpower, whether it's creating sensational content, producing more traffic than you ever believed possible, or producing graphics that are an art.

That indicates each member of our group can supply the modifications that require to happen.

A few of the results of the results-driven procedure at our digital marketing agency consisting of:

  • Growing natural traffic to your website
  • Generating and nurturing sales-ready leads
  • Utilizing brand-new networks to expand brand grab client procurement
  • Boosting income
  • Reducing lead purchase cost

SwanDIGI: A Data-Driven Digital Marketing Agency That Will Help You Increase Earnings

Efficient digital marketing can draw in leads and also generate consumers for your business, yet doing it on your own can be tiresome, time-consuming, and also expensive.

Consequently, several organizations deal with an outdoors digital marketing agency.

If you would like to know where your marketing can boost, contact us today for a cost-free 30-minute strategy session to review your stamina, weaknesses, and areas of chance!

Prepared to work with a digital marketing agency? Find out just how we can boost your online presence as well as generate sales!

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